Dear Visitors and Guests
We take great pleasure in welcoming you to the exhibition of documenta 14 this year and wish you a pleasant and inspiring stay. A few rules are unavoidable if all of the visitors and their interests are to be taken into account and the security of the exhibits themselves ensured. Adherence to the Visitors’ Protocol is obligatory for all visitors and guests. With the acquisition of your admission voucher, you automatically agree to comply with our regulations.

1. Bringing items into the exhibition

  1. Bulky items such as walking sticks, umbrellas, sports equipment, backpacks, suitcases, or large bags are not allowed to be brought into the exhibition spaces. The size of bags allowed into the exhibition spaces is limited to a maximum of 33x23x10 cm. In cases of dispute, the supervisory staff shall decide. For reasons of security, we reserve the right to regulate access involving bulky baby carriages. You may, of course, leave items in the wardrobe, where they shall be insured under the general terms and conditions of insurance posted on site. Claims shall be made immediately upon retrieval of the item(s). No liability shall be assumed for contents of bags and for damages arising from items placed outside the wardrobe.

  2. Dangerous items such as gas containers, pyrotechnical articles, torches, weapons of any type, or items which could be used as missiles or projectiles (especially bottles and cans) shall not be taken into the exhibition spaces. The same holds true for jamming devices such as laser pointers or similar.

  3. For security reasons, our supervisory staff shall have the right to inspect the contents of bags at their discretion at entry and exit points of the exhibition spaces.

2. Artwork

Touching artwork or display cases is prohibited. Please maintain a distance of at least 50 cm to the exhibits. The only exception to this is artwork for which the artist has specifically intended the artwork to be handled.

3. Eating and drinking

In the exhibition spaces eating and drinking are not allowed. Noticeably intoxicated persons may be prohibited from entering the exhibition spaces.

4. Smoking

Smoking is prohibited in all exhibition spaces.

5. Animals

Animals may not be admitted. Dogs for the blind are the only exception.

6. Tours

Tours conducted by third parties are not allowed in the interest of securing the artistic concept.

7. Photography and filming

  1. Taking pictures and filming in the exhibition spaces is allowed so long as these are exclusively for private, non-commercial use; without flash; only if the security of the artwork is maintained; a minimum distance of 50 cm is adhered to; and consideration for other visitors is given. Photographing and filming with a tripod or support device, or with a selfie stick is not allowed — neither for private nor commercial purposes.

  2. This approval does not apply to rights of third parties. The documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH points expressly emphasizes that especially the duplication or distribution of content protected by copyright or right of privacy shall be subject to approval.

  3. On individual works for which a general ban on photographing or filming is in effect because it has been imposed by requirements dictated by the author or owner, you will find a notice or supervisory personnel will advise you of this.

  4. Written permission is required for all purposes beyond general permission; this is in effect also for after-the-fact change in use.

8. Noise

In consideration of other visitors we request the avoidance of noise and a moderate level of speech volume. We also request that you turn off your mobile phones in the exhibition spaces and not to telephone from the exhibition spaces.

9. Health risks

documenta shall assume no liability for health risks to the exhibition visitor in connection with the participation or visiting of our exhibition. It is the obligation of the visitor to assess his health status in advance.

The supervisory staff is charged with and authorised to maintain adherence to the Visitors’ Protocol. If the Visitors’ Protocol is breached, a further presence in the exhibition spaces can be prohibited.

Visitors are therefore obliged to comply with the following:
To obey the instructions of the supervisory staff In case of an alarm issuing from the individual object security devices on artwork or showcases, to maintain order and to wait for / follow the instructions of the supervisory staff. In case of fire alarm, to vacate the building quickly and in an orderly manner. In case of school classes or groups, to ensure that a responsible person is present to accompany them.

To move about in the exhibition spaces in such a manner as to prevent damage to the artwork and avoid disturbing other visitors.

The visitors and guests are liable for all damages and expenses resulting from disregarding the Visitors‘ Protocol. Please be aware that you may contact in case of lost items within the exhibition spaces. Our exhibition spaces are partially video-monitored for security reasons.

You acknowledge that image and sound may be recorded by documenta und Museum Fridericianum gGmbH at any time. You expressly agree to this by the purchase of the admission ticket or gift certificate. You also agree that these image recordings may be made visible to the general public via a station or the internet and/or other modern communication medium.

The Managing Director of documenta