Paths, routes, and parcours cross and intertwine, as visitors consider the pathways taken by peripatetic thinkers as a point of departure for a reflection on the act of walking. Joining a member of the documenta 14 Chorus, visitors can create their own lines of inquiry, questioning and entering into dialogue as they unravel and unfold documenta 14 together.

Historically, the chorus of Greek tragic theater was made up of nonprofessionals and citizens who served as commentators, shape-shifters, and empathizers between the audience and the actors. The Chorus for documenta 14, meanwhile, enacts a multiplicity of roles with visitors to the exhibition, drawing out broader perspectives related to the sociopolitical and geographical contexts of the documenta 14 project. Visitors thus become contributors to the life of documenta 14—negotiating routes and responses to artworks alongside one another. The documenta 14 Chorus creates a chorality that continues to resonate with mythologies, stories, debates, and rumors beyond the realm of the exhibition.


Public Walks

Single ticket
Duration: 2 hours
Adult: 10 € plus entrance fee
Reduced*: 8 € plus entrance fee

*Persons entitled to a reduced ticket: teens under 18, students, seniors over 65 and persons with disabilities. Valid documentation required. Free admission is granted to children under 12 (counted extra to the 15 persons).

Group Walks

Group ticket (max. 15 people)
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 140 € plus entrance fee